Name is blank on Sign in with Apple

Hello. I'm trying to implement Sign in with Apple in a Ruby on Rails application with the omniauth-rails gem, along with Devise. We're using Sign in with Apple on the web-side for account creation, so then we can use Sign in with Apple on the iOS app to authenticate a user's account (we don't create accounts from the iOS app). The issue I'm running into on account creation is we're not receiving a name when the user authenticates with Apple. We get an email address, user identifier, etc, just no name. When I do Sign in with Apple on the iOS app, I'm logging the output and *do* get a name there. Any ideas or assistance would be greatly appreciated! Thanks


The name is only shared once. If the user connects with your app on iOS device that is equivalent to account creation.

Yes, I realize that. I've removed the app from using my Apple ID and re-signed up multiple times. The name is never in the response. I imagine it is a problem with the Ruby gem, and not with Apple. Is there any way for me to test this via command line?

Looks like this is by design:

The identification servers return the user status only when the user first uses Sign in with Apple with your app. Subsequent attempts on the same device after disconnect and reconnect, or attempts on other devices, don’t return any information for this user status.