How popular is Dark Mode?

I've been trying to find some info regarding Dar Mode usage. Does anyone know what percent of iOS user use Dark Mode as their defauklt?



If we believe this study, more than 80% (on Mac, not iOS, but that gives a trend) ; even though the figure is probably an oversestimate, that means a significant proportion of people use it.

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Anyway, why ask the question ? You should implement it. For a user who uses darkmode, switching to an app that does not support is really unpleasant. And they may well delete your app just for this.

Some are more radical and consider having dark mode only:

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  • For the first article - there's a pretty heavy bias toward developers (as the users were Thomas Steiner's twitter followers, and the general public is probably not so much interested in the topics he posts about). If you're developing an app for developers, definitely include dark mode.

    I'd be interested in a survey or seeing results from survey respondents that attempted to reach non-technical users. The second survey results have been deleted - that group appears to be dev types as well.

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I think you don't need to care about how many user like Dark Mode. You should care about which mode suits your app's content.

  • Ahh, no. Terribly no.

    You don’t design the app to suit your needs solely, you design it to suit the user and then compliment your content. So you give the user both or a happy in-between.

    This forum’s light them is a no too.

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Knowing this information is useful for designers and marketers especially in the social media marketing realm. I would also like to know how popular dark mode is and the usage stats vs the traditional light mode.

especially if cross referenced with other stats like age and interests. Will help tailor social post designs to fit with the specific color theme.
  • yes, finally a professional user who understands why would someone ask this kind of questions... I am a photographer and choosing theme also impacts the default instagram theme (if I am not mistaken) and having dark or light background greatly impacts perceiving of lightness and color in my work, so it is an important question to ask and we need this kind of intel

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I finally started implementing dark mode in my Mac apps. Since I myself am one of those who can't stand the dark mode, I didn't have any personal incentives to implement it.

I do hear that many users like dark mode. And my apps are used by thousands of people. However, ever since dark mode was implemented on Mojave I received exactly 1 (one) request to implement it. So naturally it was never a high priority.

I do believe that apps should support dark mode. Just wanted to share the actual feedback I received from users.
My dark mode is not working. Does anyone know any solution?

My dark mode is not working. Does anyone know any solution?

Solution to what precise problem ?

If you want some useful answer, you should explain:
  • what is "not working" ?

  • what did you do to implement it ? Did you set all colors to be system colors ?

  • which versions of iOS, Xcode ?

  • Does it occur on simulator and / or device

Any update here?
The problem is in iTunes that is installed on my windows 10 and my windows is already in dark mode.

There is an interesting article about that topic at Nielsen Norman Groups blog: