Can I install Xcode on OS X 10.9.5

Can I install Xcode on OS X 10.9.5?


The version currently available on the App Store (6.4) requires Yosemite or later, but if you're a registered developer, you can log in at, where all current and older downloads are posted. I'm not sure exactly how far back you'll need to go in order to find a version that runs on 10.9.5, but everything is there.

However, older Xcode versions will not have the newer SDKs, so you'll be stuck in the past. If you're serious about development, you really should keep your Mac up to date so you can use the current versions of everything.

Look for: Xcode 5.1.1.dmg

...requires Mavericks or Mountain Lion and is the current minimum version Xcode allowed for submittal. As noted, it will be defeatured compared to the current IDE.

I'm running Xcode 6.2 on 10.9.5

Hi bicycleguy,

Have you tried using a more current version of xcode on 10.9.5?