Upload to load app store error

I'm getting "Authentication timeout. Please retart Xcode (-22421)" error when I tried to upload to app store. I have restarted Xcode and rebuilt the archive twice. I have validated the archive.


The backend was suffering outages yesterday and is known to be unreliable, so you may just need to wait and keep trying.

I've got the same problem as well, simply refuses to upload and asks for a restart of XCode but makes no difference.


Got the same issue, but using Application Loader worked fine.

Open XCode, click on XCode at top left, Open Developer Tools / Application Loader.

This worked for me.

Likewise, I'm having the same problem - 2 days running now. Tried Application Loader but same issue. Any ideas? 😕

Trying to upload via XCode - getting the same error. Application Loader worked just fine...

The problem started end of April and still I'm unable to upload app to store, can somenone at Apple have look at it ???

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I have the same problem

if i use Application Loader the answer is "please sign in with an app-specific password.You can create ont at appleid.apple.com"

My account is OK on appleid.apple.com

Any solution ?

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It works for me.