Download iOS 8.0 Simulator - Xcode 7.2, Mac EL Capitan

I am developing iOS app with minimum iOS version support 8.0. I am using Mac OS EL Capitan 10.11.2 and Xcode 7.2.

In Xcode -> Preferences -> Downloads menu iOS 8.0 Simulator is not present. Some claim that this will not be available with EL Capitan, but I want to test my app against 8.0.

Can you please tell me how to download iOS 8.0 Simulator ?


>Xcode -> Preferences -> Downloads

No. Outdated. Use Xcode 7.3


Then add simulators to use via the run/'set the active scheme' pulldown menu

@KMT Please find the screen cast URL. I updated Xcode to 7.3. Still I do not see any option to get 8.0 Simulator.

I thought you meant the 8.x series - Xcode 7.3 only offers 8.1 ~ 8.4, not 8.0

You'll need to find a device fossilized at 8.0 to test if that is a must-do. I'm not sure I'd bother below 8.4, but only for the next 3 months, if that. Time to move to 9.x and up, I think.