Access ARKit from Safari and WebXR

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It's actually been marked as In Development in WebKit back in March, 2020, there are regular updates in the bugtracker now.


It’s a somewhat perplexing situation. Increasingly I’m asked to make webxr experiences by clients and its with a heavy heart I have to say the iPhone can’t do webxr.

For end users, it’s even more perplexing. Why shouldn’t it work?

Safari is being left behind in this area, webxr now has a stable standard, which chrome / samsung have implemented wonderfully.
Same situation here. We are working with the new WebXR API and sadly, we are telling to our clients that iOS is not supporting this and that Apple didn't told if it will support it one day.

Safari is the new Internet Explorer.
Just a fellow developer and AR enthusiast, I would encourage you to submit feedback for Safari directly to Apple. I've been very happy with using the USDZ file format with Safari on iOS, iPadOS, and macOS, and while I am not completely familiar with WebXR, I definitely think letting Apple know that this is of interest for them to support in Safari.
Hi Holographica

have you tried using XRViewer (from Mozilla) for WebXR on iOS ??

rgds Dave
Now that iOS 14.3 is out, maybe now?
There is a rumor that WebKit is developing WebXR, so, probably Safari is going to ship this feature.

I hope that Apple supports this. Many developers and users would be very happy with it.
Agreed - creating web directories that can propagate immersive content natively to any mobile browser would be nice. I think the performance drop, lack of full functionality, and overall experience difference make it a challenge to willingly offer at this moment not to mention you give up some control and leverage in the market when you're trying to sell an experience on specific devices like the latest iPhone.
I would hope so, I mean I know they have been hyper concerned about privacy on the web. Maybe they don't fully trust that the end user's data will be properly handled... ?
It's actually been marked as In Development in WebKit back in March, 2020, there are regular updates in the bugtracker now.

It looks like it is nearly done (only 2 tickets remains):

  • Nice! It's actually only one - the one about the tests.

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  • I love that I can read and then reply to this now!!! Hello from America!!!

    Мне нравится, что я могу прочитать, а затем ответить на это сейчас!!! Привет из Америки!!!

    Спасибо Apple за то, что сделали это легко сделать со встроенным переводом!

    I am excited for the future of AR and XR and think we need standards that work in both ecosystems for this. I do not want to have to have two buttons for two different experiences for every client.

    Я с нетерпением жду будущего AR и XR и думаю, что для этого нам нужны стандарты, которые работают в обеих экосистемах. Я не хочу иметь две кнопки для двух разных впечатлений для каждого клиента.

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