iOS 14 widgets: Content update frequency and latency limits and best practices

With regards to the new iOS 14 widgets implemented with WidgetKit:

For a widget that needs to have frequent, unpredictable pushes of content, I'm curious to how often data can be pushed to the widget and how quickly the widget will reflect this updated data.

  1. Is there a maximum number of reloads per day? Is there a throttle to how often we can reload?

  2. Is there an upper limit to the time taken between the call to reloadTimeline() and when the reload actually happens?

3a. If events are unpredictable, should we use a timeline at all? (as compared to just a single entry in the timeline at all times) Or should there just be a very finely grained timeline (eg. every minute) that simply does pull requests in the background to see if anything changes?

3b. Or should everything be based on push notifications which reloads the timeline? What if the user has disabled push notifications?

For example, a news widget might want to keep the user updated of breaking news which might be relevant only for the next 10 minutes. (eg. "Soccer: Chelsea-Liverpool 3-1 upset at half time!")

I am curious how the Apple stock widget is implemented as well. Does it have a 1 minute interval timeline, and each entry attempts to update the content via a background network request?

As WidgetKit is really new to us, I would appreciate any guidance from Apple regarding the best technical designs and practices in this area.

Thanks so much!
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