Bluetooth 5 Coded PHY (Long Range) removed in iOS 14

I am pretty sure iOS 13.4 (beta and later) did support Coded PHY (Long Range). Tested devices are iPhone SE2 and iPhone 11 Pro.

However, it seems iOS 14 removed the support of Coded PHY, accidentally or on purpose, I don't know?

The same PHY update request returns "1M PHY" in iOS 14, but "Coded PHY" in iOS 13 (13.4 beta and later).

Anyone knows why?



Also curious about this question. Apple seems to be quite silence when it comes to this functionality.
Anything new about this topic?
My app is still under development because I cannot go ahead still facing this issue :-(
Is there anything special I can do in my app to test if codedPHY is working?
To test coded PHY, the only way at this moment is to get an iPhone 11 or 12 or SE(2) with iOS 13.4 ~ iOS 13.7, but not iOS 14 or later. Or an Android phone that supports it. (Am I going to be banged because of mentioning that?)

Anyone tested this on iOS 15?

Are these 2M and LE Coded PHY modes default to Bluetooth communication at kernel level or is there any way we can select while establishing Bluetooth communication from iPhone to the sensor device?

My problem is that with Latest Bluetooth 5.2 it is default set to LE Coded Phy . which results in the reduced data thought rate.

So would like to set the 2M mode while searching for Bluetooth sensors. is it possible from IOS SDK?

Anything new regarding this topic ?