safari sandboxed javascript cause by HTTP/0.9

After updating macOS at Sierra i noticed that jplayer is not working anymore

i get some javascript error that did not happen with previous safari version and are not display on firefox or chrome

I'm now on macOS 10.12.1 the error is:

Sandboxing ';stream/1' because it is using HTTP/0.9.

i checked the HTTP response and it says GET /;stream/1 HTTP/0.9

not sure if is possible to avoid sandboxing with HTTP/0.9 adding some code inside the page?


I'm having exactly the same issue - jplayer won't work in Safari 10.0.1 on MacOS Sierra (10.12.1)


Blocked script execution in '' because the document's frame is sandboxed and the 'allow-scripts' permission is not set.

[Error] Sandboxing ' http://streamaddress/;stream/1' because it is using HTTP/0.9.

[Error] Cancelled resource load from 'http://streamaddress/;stream/1' because it is using HTTP/0.9 and the document was loaded with a different HTTP version.


But I'm also seeing lots of similar 'sandboxing' and/or HTTP version errors on loads of other websites - almost any site I visit... so is this a Safari bug, or just enhanced security? For instance:

Error while parsing the 'sandbox' attribute: 'allow-modals' is an invalid sandbox flag. / io9 / Net Magazine:

Blocked a frame with origin "" from accessing a frame with origin "". Protocols, domains, and ports must match.

This is a general problem, on MAC and Windows.

On Safari browsers, Internet Explorer, Chrome etc ...

It has been reported for months. You have to adapt the code to make it work, but I can not find any improved code.

For the time servers shoucast which uses ports other than that in 80, does not work.

In the immediate future the solution would be to run on port 80 to no longer have this problem.

But, For information, on the site of shoutcast the players works for all the platform (Windows, Mac) and all the browsers (Safari, Chrome)

And Shoutcast uses JPlayer too ... But I think they have adapted the code for their need ... It would have to find what ...

at this time only solution to fix it, passe you're shoucast server on port 80


* Chrome 55 (current beta) - will release 6. Dec 2016!

* Safari 10 on MacOS Sierra - already released