Battery drain in ios 14.2

i updated my iphone 7+ to ios 14.2 and now i have battery drain problem and it takes long time to be charged and warmup during charging
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Installed 14.2 a couple days ago and noticed this issue immediately. Last night I went to sleep with 100% and woke up with 51%. I've already uninstalled all widgets and turned off background app refresh and did a hard reset. It's hard to believe this fault isn't engineered into the update, if it doesn't get fixed this will be my last apple product after decades of loyalty.
Same issue with iPad mini after update. I’ll be reading emails with nothing running in the background battery at 60% and it powers off, when I connect to power it shows the battery in red. Once it restarts I’m still at 60% all this started after update to 14.2
My 7+ is also having the same issue, but it is even weirder. If I restart my phone it jumps back up to 98% when it was down at 50% after a half hour use. I think it’s more of bug with the iOS versus the device.
Same here on my iPhone 8. My battery has these stages now where it stays on the same battery% for a long while and then within 3 minutes it drops like 4-5% very quickly.
Same issue here on iPhone 6S. Battery drained nearly 80% on a half hour call yesterday.
This is very concerning. Apple seems to literally killing our batteries prematurely. Apple support (as usual) denies there's any issue and just provides the usual canned responses to adjust your SETTINGS.

Will Apple be offering free battery replacements for everyone? My battery [health] was perfect (100%) before the update and now it's 97%.
Same issue with my 6s+ after updating to 14.2.
This is very annoying. My phone battery was perfectly fine before update. Now it goes to 1% from 70% in matter of minutes. Some times it is even black out and I have to reboot my phone.
After update, overnight battery gets drained even I have full charge. This never happened before. Apple please fix the issue.
Since I installed IOS 14.2 on my 7 +, XS MAX and 6S have same issue, update is killing the battery very quickly!!!!!!
Wish I could post picture here - constant linear battery drain with zero activity recorded.

I have iPhone 8+, iPad pro 2015, and iPad Pro 2018. ONLY HAPPENS ON iPad PRO 2018. The biggest difference I see in settings is the 2018 has “Privacy Warning” on WiFi (the other two do not). iPhone & 2018 have iMessage, 2015 does not.
I strongly suspect the “Privacy Warning” on WiFi is causing wifi to constantly search/change networks. When I had two networks saved it would always do this visibly when I disabled/enabled WiFi. Also it takes FOREVER to connect to WiFi now that this “feature” has been added.
Same issue on iPhone 6S after 14.2 update. Rapid battery drain from 50-80% down to 1%. Please fix issue Apple!
Update: Even in airplane mode, iPad Pro 2018 draining battery. Back @85deg F, center above logo @95. For comparison iPad Pro 2015 @75 EVEN IN USE.
My iPhone SE(2016) and iPhone 8 Plus were just fine until the 14.2 update. Now the fully charged battery drops to 45% overnight and the charge drops rapidly even while simply reading my email. This cannot happen on both iPhones unless there is something wrong with the ios 14.2 update. I never had any battery issues before the 14.2 update. The battery health on my SE and 8 Plus is at 90% and 98% respectively. I don’t use my phones much, because I use my laptop for most of my online activities. I have already turned off and stored away the 8 Plus and I have ordered a Samsung phone for daily use. I hope apple can fix this issue asap so I can return to using my iPhones. Also, I love Touch ID, so I refuse to upgrade to iPhone 12, because I don’t want any phone with Face ID.
Thank you for posting this. My wife's iPhone 7 - same issue - significant battery drain problem started with installation of iOS 14 - had to follow Apple's guidance to unpair watch and reset the phone - did that - installed iOS 14.2 - problem didn't go away - so had to reset again - and in a couple of days - the problem became so severe and phone died completely - now I just have a brick - went to Apple store - and told them - phone was fine a couple of weeks ago before software updates and after software updates it's a brick - they as usual denied that it's not the software.
The phone was perfectly fine with 85% battery capacity - If i had not updated and taken to an ATT store - I could have traded in the phone for 350$ - now I got zilch.
Such incompetance from Apple - really - did they even test the software on older phones before releasing. Unbelievable.
My SE2020 has been getting worse battery time with each version of 14. Overnight when I was sleeping it would only lose 1-2% of battery over 8 hours. Last couple of weeks it loses 5% over 5-6 hours.
Another weird thing is when I go to charge it now the phone gets warm at times. It also charges fast almost as if it was a fast charger. This is with the standard 5w charger that came with it. This started with 14.2
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iphone 7 ... same problem