WatchOS Fall Detection

I am trying to use the Fall Detection API to handle fall event, but I keep getting : [Fall] Error fetching most recent fall event: 111
I am using CMFallDetectionManager with delegate

The call back like the one below is not happening, any idea why?

How to simulate fall using the Watch Series 6 simulator?

func fallDetectionManager(_ fallDetectionManager: CMFallDetectionManager, didDetect event: CMFallDetectionEvent, completionHandler handler: @escaping () -> Void) {
    logger.debug("Fall Event Detected")
  • @dkam how you solve the issue? my watch app get crash on launch even I have added key in extension plist

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CMFallDetectionManager requires an entitlement from Apple. Have you applied for it at and have been granted the entitlement?

If you have, your app and/or provisioning profile may not be configured correctly.