Unable to install iOS 15 beta

I have been unable to install iOS 15 beta on an iPhone 6S.

I first updated the device to iOS 14.6. I downloaded the iOS 15 Beta Software Profile and installed it. Under Settings > Software Update, I can see the beta.

Selecting "Install Now" shows "Verifying update..." for about 5 minutes and then a generic error. "Unable to Install Update". An error occurred installing iOS 15 Developer beta. Retry / Remind Me Later.

I looked at Console and didn't see any useful errors. The iOS developer beta is 4.66GB, and so my phone is currently at 14.3GB out of 16GB. Is this a disk space issue with an unhelpful error messages? Anything else I should try?

  • Had to download the iOS 15 "restore image" for my device and then in the Finder doing the "option" key thing while clicking "Restore iphone..." was able to select the ipsw and finally install iOS 15. What a pain in the ***. Apple: Can you guys sit down and work out a way to provide useful error messages? It's insane how many times things just fail to work with no helpful errors.

  • I have a couple questions?

    is it worth downloading the ios15 Beta or should I stay with the regular ios14 I’m still using?I haven’t done it in awhile. Can you explain quickly how to do it to refresh my brain? I only downloaded the profile to my phone so far? Nothing else yet…


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Had the same issue occur on iPadOS 15 on a iPad 8. No clue on reason

Hi, I had the same issue, but I think I figured it out. My internet was the issue. I have high-speed stable internet, but for some reason, it wouldn't allow me to install the update. When I went to my friend's house and tried his internet to download the beta it worked! My internet doesn't work with certain websites (I have no clue why) so it probably couldn't connect/work with Apple Software servers. I highly recommend you try a different internet connection. Try a friend's house or public wifi.

  • I tried it at a friends house but that didn’t work either. Still stuck at “Verifying Update.”

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Having the same issue , with installing ipadOS 15 , Have successfully installed the beta profile , restarted my device , the update shows up under software update . But the download button is greyed out , and it says wifi is required to download this update . Nothing i do seems to fix this , have turned on and off , auto download and install updates , have tried deleting the profile and re- downloading it . But nothing seems to work so far . I use an iPad Air 2019 running on ipados 14.6

  • Seeing the same issue as everyone else, cannot install the latest beta. Removed the iOS 15 profile restarted, re-added the profile, restarted again. Beta downloads but never verifies. iOS 15 latest beta worked fine BUT iPadOS is not working and never gets past the verification step. Anyone else been able to resolved yet ?

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I got a new iPad and tried getting on the beta. I had the same issue. I had to add the ios14 beta profile and update to that, then I added the iOS 15 beta profile and updated with zero issues.

  • My problem is this Air every time I try to install the profile

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Okay so I have the iPhone 6s and it doesn’t go any further than the 12.5.4 update and I wanted to Gwen the iOS 15 beta version and it lets me do everything up until it says restart to complete the update and I press restart now and when it restarts. my phone cuts on the update isn’t there , what am I doin wrong?

If you have a Mac or a PC, download the iOS 15 ipsw file and connect the iPhone to the computer and install through it, this procedure works really well.

  • This is the only thing that worked for me. Thank you for posting this.

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I got this error with 15.1 and i had around 4 GB of space left after downloading the update, i deleted some apps so i had 10GB available and then i could install the update.

In my case storage was the issue, after cleaning some space it’s got installed.

Hey everyone, I tried the same thing. Downloaded the new update and tried to install. I had about 4GB of space available after the download. I tried repeatedly to install the same but to no avail. I came upon this discussion and it was helpful. The post by AshishRajpal91 was the one to go with. I deleted a few apps and had about 6GB space and then tried again. I am now posting this reply post installation of ios 15. Have a nice day guys.