SwiftUI Preview Don't work iOS 15 Xcode 13.0

SwiftUI Preview Don't work. Progress Preparing iPhone Simulator for Previews.

SwiftUI Xcode version 13.0 macOS Big Sur version 11.6

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Sorry to hear you are having problems getting previews working. Best next step will be to file a feedback with diagnostics. We will need the diagnostics Xcode Previews generates in order to make sure we understand the error the previews system is encountering.

  1. When you get an error in Xcode Previews, an error banner appears in the canvas
  2. Click the "Diagnostics" button in that banner
  3. In the sheet that appears, click "Generate Report" in the bottom left of the sheet
  4. Attach (or make from the folder) the resulting zip file to the bug (will be named something like previews-diagnostics-0123456789.zip)

Report back here with the feedback ID and I'll make sure it gets to the right folks as soon as possible.

I have the same Problem, unfortunately it is "Preparing iPhone Simulator for Previews" like forever. There is no error and therefore there is no way to clik a "Diagnostics" button... Is there an alternative way?

  • One thing you can try is to introduce an error in your code which should force the error banner to show up. If all else fails, then a simctl diagnose + sudo sysdiagnose might be enough for the engineers to triage the issue.

  • I introduced an error in my code and prepared a feedback: FB9705803

  • thanks, I'll make sure it got routed to the right team for triaging.

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yes, I have an error with Xcode version 13.0 macOS Big Sur version 11.6 . it auto quit when I code wrong one line. I can't work. I already remove it and install 5 time again but it still. who can help me. please.

  • this sounds like a different issue than the this thread has been covering. Either way, please file a feedback and include the Xcode crash report and a sysdiagnose.

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