App password saved with Keychain SecItemAdd() can be viewed in iPhone/iPad?

We are using Keychain Services and saving password using SecItemAdd() with kSecClassGenericPassword in our App.

We know using the Keychain Access on Mac, we can see Keychain Items for MacOS Apps by the admin of Mac PC.

Is there a way exist to view keychain items for iOS(iPhone/iPad).?

My use case is, iPad(company device, not MDM) is shared between two or more persons.Each time app-user logs in to the same app using their own respective passwords(stored in keychain) .

Security Concern is, such keychain items(passwords) will be able to see by others(including the owner of iPad/iPhone)? Ex: connecting to another Mac PC or some tool exist like Keychain Access present in MacOS or case when current local keychain is sync'd to iCloud Keychain.

We don't want users of iPad/iPhone to see other users password.

Is there any other solution exists other than Keychain?

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  • Apple Security, Hello , Anyone on developer forums?

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I’m pretty sure that no one from “Apple Security” participates on DevForums. That’s in line with the main goal of DevForums, which is to help folks with code-level questions, not security reviews.

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