iOS 16 beta related crash - UIView UIDebugging Description UIGetCurrentFallbackTraitCollection

We have a handful of users with the iOS16 beta that are reporting app crash on launch. We're seeing this new crash which seemingly only impacts iOS 16 users, but the crash report doesn't seem to indicate a crash point in our app (only OS/system level objects).

In the crash log, the main thread appears to be stuck in a loop with trait collections possibly leading to resource exhaustion/stack overflow, but I can't see where the stack begins within our app at all, everything in the log seems OS level.

UPDATE: Started on 27 July 2022, which is the same release date as iOS 16 Beta 4 (20A5328h) - confirmed all crash reports are for this release of iOS 16 (20A5328h). Bug report logged .

Screenshot from Organizer and crash report below: