Calling IOBluetoothSDPServiceRecord.publishedServiceRecord crashes bluetoothd

Hi, I have an App KeyPad that lets you use your mac keyboard as a bluetooth keyboard for your iPhone, TV, iPad, another Mac, Windows PC.

Ever since the release of MacOS Ventura this app is no longer working. I have raised feedback report in december, and there is no activity on it. FB11869248

Essentially if I call publishedServiceRecord with a 16bit UUID in "0001 - ServiceClassIDList" the bluetoothd crashes and kills all bluetooth connections (Mouse, keyboard, headset...everything) and then reconnects. This is 100% reproducible.

What is interesting is that if a user installs my App on MacOS Monterey, it works, and if they upgrade to MacOS Ventura, it will continue to work. But if they install it new in Ventura it will not work. Even more interesting, because my app was installed in Monterey, all OTHER similar apps will work on Ventura.

I suspect that this is some sort of permission issue but I am not getting any support.

Anybody see something similar.



for anybody else that has had this problem. This has been fixed in Sonoma.