iOS/iPadOS 17.1 has new issue with QR scanning

After upgrading to iOS 17.1, I can't scan some QR codes. The same codes can be scanned correctly before. In details

  • iPadOS 17.0 and earlier: Works well
  • iPadOS 17.1: Something goes wrong
  • Sample project code:
func metadataOutput(_ output: AVCaptureMetadataOutput, didOutput metadataObjects: [AVMetadataObject], from connection: AVCaptureConnection) {

        if let metadataObject = metadataObjects.first {
            guard let readableObject = metadataObject as? AVMetadataMachineReadableCodeObject else { return }
            guard let stringValue = readableObject.stringValue else {
            found(code: stringValue)
  • Sample QR code

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I eventually see the problem with Camera app:

  • iOS 16: detected QR code and decoded the code

  • iPadOS 17.1: detected QR code but couldn't decode the code

It seems the decoding has been updated. Does anyone have the same issue?

I am having the same problem. We are creating an app in Japan that reads QR codes for electronic medication registers. The standard for medical information is exported in multi-byte format, so we need a compatible QR code scanner to read them. The QR code scanner library (react-native-vision-camera) we are using now probably uses Apple's camera library by default and cannot encode Shift_JIS since 17.1. The only result is a "null" return. It is readable with 17.0.3, but not with 17.1. I would really appreciate it if Apple could improve this problem of not being able to read.

@hikaru145 Good news: iOS 17.2 beta 2 seems to fix the issue.