How to create policy for a specific USB HID device on OSX?

Hi All,

I have a device which works on USB protocol and its class is HID. Now, I want to comunicate with this device back and forth through some predefined feature reports and in order to do that I need both read and write access . I'm able to access device with sudo privilege. However I cannot use this as permanent solution. I want to create some kind of policy ( similar to Udev rules in Linux) which persists after reboot as well.

The HID driver provided by Apple works fine with my device so I don't want to write any custom driver. The closest I came to slove this problem was by using code-less kext but I didn't find it easy to use becuse I'm new to this concept.

Do I have to get in touch with Apple support to get this kext generated for me? If someone can point me to the right documention. It will be great!.

Please let me know for more details.



Hi All,

I continued my investigation on the same and found out that there are no UDEV rules you can define for OSX. I also found out that we don't have to give permission to connected HID devices at all if your device is not a keyboard. If your HID device gets to identify as keyboard then to OSX then it doesn't allow to write on that device ( I guess some kind of OSX security feature). It makes sense as well because the keyboard is the way to give input to PC. Going to post it to technical support to confirm my theory.