Xcode 9: Symbol not found: _utimensat


I'm running into what appears to be a known issue with the macOS 10.13 SDK in Xcode 9 (GM): dyld: lazy symbol binding failed: Symbol not found: _utimensat. If I understand correctly, the 10.13 SDK is incorrectly telling cmake that _utimensat is available in 10.12, which it obviously isn't.

Is anyone aware of a work around other than using Xcode 8 to compile C/C++ code?


I have encountered the same error. Have you (or anyone) found a solution?

Apparently you have to have the XCode command-line tools installed to get this running. I found a Github Issue with some comments. First I deleted rbenv (I'm running brew) and then I ran xcode-select --install to install the command-line tools. Once done I reinstalled rbenv and was able to rbenv install 2.3.0 fine after that.