xcode 9 interface builder not loading storyboard

I updated my xcode to 9 today. One of my xcode project with failry big storyboard is not opening. I had no problem opening it till yesterday on previous xcode.

When i click on main.storyboard i can only see the spinning icon.

Activity Monitor shows memory utilization very high. It went upto 10+GB.

I am using Macbook 12inch.

Other small projects are able to open the story board in Interface builder.

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Do you get any error message ?

Have a look here, may help (problem was UITabBar):

h ttps://stackoverflow.com/questions/46311398/xcode-9-crash-when-open-storyboard

I am not seeing any error on xcode, it just keeps spinning and the memory utilization for Interface Builder reaches more than 10GB.

If i click on any file it displays that properly. The issue is only with main.storyboard. I to have UITabBarController. with 7 viewcontrollers linked to it.

It was working fine in xcode 8.

I've heard this with legacy storyboards - not fun, but try creating a new one w/Xcode 9 and then dump the contents of the old into it, using it going forward.

Tried doing that, however when i copy over the story board the same issue happens with the new project. Looks like i have to create the story board again in the new xcode. this is really frustrating.

I had a problem after adding a bar button item. Lots of symtoms including high CPU and IB not loading. Removing the bar from the XML code as described in the post helped me. At least I didn't lose my entire project. 😢

⚠I sent a crash report to Apple....please fix this bug....we know you have a little more than $200 Billion in cash. 🙂 j/k

It would be super helpful and encouraging to know when this bug fix is coming in a future release. 😀

If you use external displays, try opening xcode on the built-in display.

It worked for me.