Apple Cryptocurrency

Now I'm not sure how to ask this question to a developer community, but I've seen rumors online that Apple is putting the building blocks in place for their own Cryptocurrency. If this is not the case, and the rumors are false, I just wonder how hard it would be to actually create an app to mine an Apple cryptocurrency on ones Apple device? Assuming an app was created to do so and wasn't called "AppleCoin" which is already a cryptocurrency. It seems like Apple could just jump right into the cryptocurrency market by offering Apple product users a way to mine coins through their IOS/OS devices. Not sure if competing with other cryptocurrencies like BitCoin or others would be a feasible thing for Apple but there is a possibility that might be, especially if the new currency were used for purchasing apps or other newer apple products soon to be released. Also, it might increase the value of older Apple products if they were used to mine coins....this is clearly more or less a hypothetical brainstorm at this point. Any thoughts?

This site will explain it better to you



Apple Cryptocurrency