From welcoming people as they arrive at a sporting event to providing information about a nearby museum exhibit, iBeacon opens a new world of possibilities for location awareness, and countless opportunities for interactivity between iOS devices and iBeacon hardware.

iBeacon for Apps

Give your iOS apps the ability to determine its proximity to iBeacon-enabled hardware with Core Location APIs.

iBeacon Hardware

iBeacon-enabled hardware and accessories must integrate iBeacon technology to ensure a reliable and consistent experience for customers. For information about deploying devices, read Getting Started with iBeacon.

Works with Apple iBeacon

Artwork and Specifications

Download the resources for developing or manufacturing hardware that integrates iBeacon technology using the iBeacon Proximity Specification.

Once you accept the iBeacon license agreement, you’ll receive:

  • Works with Apple iBeacon Badges
  • Works with Apple iBeacon Guidelines
  • Proximity Beacon Specification


Ask questions and discuss iBeacon APIs with Apple engineers and other developers.

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