MusicKit lets users play Apple Music and their local music library from your app or website. When users provide permission to access their Apple Music account, they can use your app or website to create playlists, add songs to their library, and play any of the millions of songs in the Apple Music catalog. If your app detects that the user is not yet an Apple Music member, you can offer a trial membership from within your app.

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Apple platforms

Get details on how to easily build apps for iOS, iPadOS, and tvOS that integrate Apple Music using the MusicKit framework.

Find content in the Apple Music catalog or in the user’s music library, and control playback. Check if a user has an active Apple Music subscription before playing music or let them start a trial membership directly within your app. Find songs or add songs to the user’s music library with their permission.

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MusicKit for Android lets you build native Apple Music features into your Android app. Libraries are available to let users sign in to their Apple Music account and play music directly from your app.

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Authentication for Apple Music. The Authentication library provides a way to get access tokens to play music or make calls to the MusicKit Web APIs. This library prompts the user to sign in to Apple Music and, if Apple Music isn’t installed on the device, helps the user download it before returning to your app.

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Media Playback for Apple Music. The Media Playback library can be used to play songs, albums, and playlists on Apple Music without leaving your app. Your app can also control music playback from the Lock screen or the background.

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Apple Music content can play directly in the browser. With MusicKit on the Web, users can stream songs, music videos, and radio from Apple Music on your website using MusicKit Web Components or a player you’ve customized using JavaScript.

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Apple Music API

Use the Apple Music API to retrieve information about albums, songs, artists, playlists, music videos, Apple Music stations, ratings, charts, recommendations, and the user’s most recently played content. With proper authorization from the user, you can also create or modify playlists and apply ratings to the user’s content. The API can be used with apps for Apple platforms, Android apps, and websites.

Get started. To communicate with the Apple Music service, visit Certificates, Identifiers & Profiles to create a media identifier and private key to sign your developer tokens.

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Request Music Data with the Apple Music API. Let your app search for songs, playlists, artists, and more. Your app can even request music we think your users will love.

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