Nearby Interactions with U1

Allow people to interact with connected accessories in completely new and exciting ways by leveraging the U1 chip in iPhone or Apple Watch. The Nearby Interaction framework makes it easy to get started with integrating Ultra Wideband (UWB) in your apps and hardware accessories.

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App developers

Build apps that interact with accessories simply by being in close proximity to an Apple device that includes the U1 chip. Taking advantage of UWB technology lets you create more precise, directionally aware app experiences.

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Accessory manufacturers

Use the Nearby Interaction accessory protocol and an Apple-approved UWB solution to manufacture accessories that interact with U1 in supported Apple products. Get started by previewing the specifications.

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Chipset manufacturers

Provide Apple U1 interoperability with your UWB solution. Chipset manufacturers who are interested should join the MFi Program to access the necessary technical specifications and resources.

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Developer Preview

Get an early preview of the Nearby Interaction accessory protocol, and the hardware and software requirements for Nearby Interaction-enabled accessories.

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Frequently asked questions

Who is the draft Nearby Interaction Accessory Protocol Specification for?

The draft specification is intended for accessory manufacturers looking to integrate UWB into new or existing accessories. To learn how to build apps that work with Nearby Interaction-enabled accessories, view the the Nearby Interaction framework documentation. Chipset manufacturers who are interested in building a UWB solution that is interoperable with Apple U1 should join the MFi Program.

What does the draft specification include?

This early preview will enable accessory manufacturers to review the preliminary hardware and software requirements for accessories that can interoperate with the U1 chip in supported Apple products.

How can I provide feedback on the draft specification or express interest in making a Nearby Interaction-enabled accessory?

To share your feedback or express interest, complete the developer interest form.

Where can I find beta UWB development kits that interoperate with Apple U1?

Approved beta UWB development kits are available for accessory manufacturers to purchase from the following chipset manufacturers:

Which Apple devices support Ultra Wideband technology with the Apple-designed U1 chip?

Ultra Wideband is available on iPhone 11 models, iPhone 12 models, and Apple Watch Series 6. Availability varies by region due to regulatory requirements. Learn more.