Nearby Interaction with UWB

Allow people to interact with connected accessories in completely new and exciting ways by leveraging the Ultra Wideband (UWB) chipset in a supported iPhone or Apple Watch. The Nearby Interaction framework makes it easy to integrate UWB in your apps and accessories.

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App developers

Build apps that interact with accessories simply by being in close proximity to an Apple UWB-enabled product. Taking advantage of UWB allows you to create more precise, directionally aware app experiences.

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Accessory manufacturers

Use the Nearby Interaction accessory protocol and an MFi-certified UWB solution to manufacture accessories that interact with UWB-enabled Apple products.

Download the Nearby Interaction Accessory Protocol Specification for iOS 16

Download the Nearby Interaction Accessory Protocol Specification (Developer Preview) for iOS 18

Chipset vendors

Chipset vendors who are interested in enabling Apple UWB interoperability with their UWB solutions should become a member of the FiRa Consortium and join the MFi Program to access the necessary technical specifications and resources.

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Frequently asked questions

Who is the Nearby Interaction Accessory Protocol Specification for?

The specification is intended for accessory manufacturers looking to integrate UWB into new or existing accessories. To learn how to build apps that work with Nearby Interaction-enabled accessories, view the Nearby Interaction framework documentation.

What should an accessory manufacturer do before shipping a Nearby Interaction-enabled accessory?

To create an UWB accessory that supports Nearby Interaction, integrate an MFi-certified UWB chipset in your accessory, and implement the Nearby Interaction Accessory Protocol in the accessory.

Where can I find MFi-certified UWB chipsets?

MFi-certified UWB chipsets are available for accessory manufacturers to purchase from the following chipset vendors:

  • NXP Semiconductors
  • Qorvo

Which Apple devices support Ultra Wideband technology with the Apple-designed U1 chip?

Ultra Wideband is available on iPhone 11 models and later, excluding iPhone SE (2nd and 3rd generation), Apple Watch Ultra and later, and Apple Watch Series 6 and later. Availability varies by region due to regulatory requirements.

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