Publishing with Apple News Format

With Apple News Format, you can create engaging content for Apple News. Elegant layouts, beautiful typography, photo galleries, videos, and animations bring your stories to life. You can author once and News will optimize for all iOS devices, so your readers will have a great experience no matter which device they’re using.

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Advertising Opportunities

Apple News comes with a built-in advertising platform that helps you earn revenue from the content you publish. Campaign management, targeting, creative and reporting capabilities give you the tools you need to drive your business. Keep 100% of the revenue from ads you sell, or 70% when Apple sells ads for you.

The Shelter Pet Project Advertisment on Apple News Platform

Get Started with News Publisher

News Publisher makes it easy for anyone, from major news organizations and magazines to blogs and independent publications, to distribute interactive and engaging stories in News. Create articles directly in News Publisher with Apple’s new web-based editing tool, which lets you choose from a variety of styles and fonts, and easily add images and quotes. Or create articles in your existing content management system and deliver them through the Apple News API. You’ll also get valuable metrics on how readers engage with your content.

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Resources and Support

Learn the basics of News, from creating articles to marketing your channel and earning revenue. Find answers to commonly asked questions, see what’s new or contact us for support.

Reference and Examples

Learn how to create and deliver Apple News Format articles from your own content management system with guides, reference, and examples.

Opting Out

If you would like to remove your RSS feed from News, let us know.