Publishing on Apple News

Use Apple News Format to create engaging content for Apple News. Elegant layouts, beautiful typography, photo galleries, videos, and animations bring your articles to life. You can author once and News will optimize for all iOS and macOS devices, so your readers will have a great experience no matter where they’re reading.

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Advertising Opportunities

Earn revenue by enabling advertising in your Apple News channels and articles. Run impactful display, video, and native ads, keeping 100% of the revenue generated from ads you sell, and 70% when Apple sells ads for you. Our online campaign management tool, Workbench, makes it easy to create and manage campaigns, control your ad inventory, and review campaign performance and revenue reporting.

News Publisher

News Publisher makes it easy to distribute interactive and engaging articles in Apple News. Articles from your CMS can be converted to Apple News Format and delivered directly through the Apple News API. You can also handcraft articles in a text editor and upload them using News Publisher, or create articles directly in News Publisher with Apple’s web-based editing tool. You’ll also get valuable metrics on how readers engage with your content.

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Documentation, Videos, and Resources

Using Apple News Format

Learn how to create, deliver, and preview Apple News Format articles with News Publisher or from your own content management system.

Advertising on Apple News

Learn how to get ads up and running in your Apple News content. Find out how to use Workbench and what guidelines and ad specs you need to follow.

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