Tech Talks Digest: November 15

It’s time once again for the Tech Talks Digest. We’ve got new sessions and office hours for you to explore, recaps for the events you missed, and a few tips on making the most of your office hours appointment.

Check out the latest activities, which run through December 3. These sessions and office hours are designed to help you learn more about our latest technologies, get your questions answered, and receive one-on-one guidance.

We’ll publish the final digest on November 29, highlighting updates to the sessions schedule, office hours signups, and more — so stay tuned!

Explore the schedule

You can browse and register for all Tech Talks activities taking place through December 3. We release new sessions and appointments for one-on-one office hours every two weeks, so check back on November 29 for the final round of activities through December 17.

Note: To register for sessions or request office hour appointments, you must be a current member of the Apple Developer Program or Apple Developer Enterprise Program.

Get notified about new activities and your appointment requests by opting in to push notifications in the Apple Developer app or signing up for email notifications. To enable push notifications, visit the Account tab in the Apple Developer app. To enable email notifications, sign in to your developer account, open the top-right menu, and click Email Settings.

Get the most out of office hours

Each Thursday, we offer office hours: 25-minute one-on-one appointments with a member of Apple’s Evangelism, App Review, Developer Technical Support, App Store Connect, or App Store Business teams. We encourage anyone who works on an app to apply for an appointment — especially if you’re a newer designer or developer. Each conversation is unique and tailored for you and your app, and all questions are welcome.

We’ve put together a short guide to help you decide which kind of appointment is right for you. If you don’t receive an appointment, please consider requesting another one in the future and providing more detail in your request. Since we have a limited number of spots, we prioritize requests based on where we can be most helpful.

Technology & Design Evangelism
What can you do to make your app not just good, but great? Whether you need advice on designing or developing for Apple platforms, exploring a new native framework or technology, or want advice on a specific experience within your app, the Apple Evangelism team has extensive expertise designing for or developing on Apple platforms and wants to help take your app to the next level.

Apply if… You’re an engineer or designer and want advice and feedback on improving your app, or want a fresh take on your app’s experience.

Prepare by… Including as much detail as possible in your request. Do you want feedback on specific technologies or areas within your app? Do you have general questions about adding a new framework or exploring a new design idea? If you’re asking about an existing app, make sure to include a link (or TestFlight invitation) to your app — this helps us explore your app in advance and make the most of our time together. If you’d like to share content during your appointment, make sure you’ve set up your computer for screen sharing.

Learn how to set up your Mac for screen sharing

Learn how to share your screen in a meeting

During the appointment... We’ll discuss your goals, provide feedback, and answer any follow-up questions. Be prepared to show device screens or comps if needed.

Developer Technical Support
Want help implementing SharePlay or chasing down a pesky error? DTS can help you with direct, personalized technical guidance on resolving a crash in your app, fixing a bug, or understanding a specific framework in more detail.

Apply if... You have code-level questions or an open Technical Support Incident (TSI) and want in-person guidance on resolving your problem.

Prepare by... Providing a clear, detailed description of your issue or question in your request. If you have an open TSI, be sure to include your follow-up number to continue the conversation. If you plan to show an Xcode project, set the theme to Presentation Mode in the Xcode Font & Colors preferences.

During the appointment... We’ll take a look at your issue and provide support to help find a resolution.

App Review
Our App Review specialists are here to chat about the App Store Guidelines, preparing your app for review, or reasons for common rejections.

Apply if... You want to know how your app can best align with the guidelines, how to get ready to submit your app, or what to expect during review.

Prepare by... Letting us know what you’d like to discuss in as much detail as possible, so we can assign your request to the right specialist. You may also want to take a look at the App Review page on the Apple Developer website.

Learn more about App Review

During the appointment... We’ll go over your questions and provide advice on how to help the review process go more smoothly.

App Store Connect
Whether you’re getting your app on the App Store for the first time or configuring a new feature like in-app events, you can request an appointment with the App Store Connect team for help with uploading, submitting, managing, or monitoring your apps.

Apply if... You need insight into any feature of App Store Connect, such as configuring in-app purchases, beta testing with TestFlight, monitoring performance with App Analytics, and much more.

Prepare by... Writing a descriptive request that helps us understand what you’d like to do in App Store Connect or what issues you’re running into. You may also want to take a look at App Store Connect Help on the Apple website.

Learn more about App Store Connect

During the appointment... We’ll go over your questions and provide support so you can move forward with distributing great apps and content.

App Store Business & Marketing
Are you looking to explore different business models, marketing options, and opportunities? Would you want to learn how to increase engagement in your app? The App Store Business & Marketing team is here to help.

Apply if... You want to learn more about marketing, engagement, subscription models, or expanding to different international markets.

Prepare by... Giving a thorough description of what you’d like to learn about so we can connect you with the right person. If you have an existing app, include a link (or TestFlight invitation) to help us explore your app in advance and make the most of our time together.

During the appointment... We’ll review your goals and possible options — and provide guidance on how to choose what’s best for your app.

Recap: Build smart app experiences with audio recognition and classification

We had a bit of fun on November 8 when we hosted a miniature audio challenge, asking developers to recognize the audio signature of a song using Siri or Shazam. This challenge — which most of our audience successfully completed! — was part of a session that explored the technologies you can use to “listen” to the world. Afterward, evangelists and the Shazam engineering team hosted over an hour of Q&A about implementation, recognition, and great experiences with audio.

If you missed this session, we're presenting it again live from London on November 22. And for more information on using audio classification models, check out "Train custom Core ML models within your app" on November 29.

Don't miss: Explore the ingredients of a great AR experience

Whether you have an app that uses augmented reality (AR) already on the App Store or you’re just starting to explore potential AR opportunities, this session can help you understand some of the key ingredients for creating a great experience on Apple platforms. First we'll show you how to craft an immersive onboarding flow, then we'll go over techniques that can help you blend digital content effectively with reality for compelling and persuasive interactions.

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