Optimize your game for Apple platforms

In this series of videos, you can learn how to level up your pro app or game by harnessing the speed and power of Apple platforms. We’ll discover GPU advancements, explore new Metal profiling tools for M3 and A17 Pro, and share performance best practices for Metal shaders.

Explore GPU advancements in M3 and A17 Pro

Learn how Dynamic Caching, the next-generation shader core, hardware-accelerated ray tracing, and hardware-accelerated mesh shading of Apple family 9 GPUs can improve the performance of your Metal apps and games.

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Discover new Metal profiling tools for M3 and A17 Pro

Learn how the new profiling tools in Xcode 15 can help you achieve the best Metal performance on Apple family 9 GPUs. Discover how to use shader cost graphs, performance heat maps, and shader execution history tools to profile and optimize your Metal code. Find out how to use new GPU counters to...

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Learn performance best practices for Metal shaders

Discover how you can improve Metal shader performance using some of the latest advancements in Apple GPUs. Learn to reduce a shader’s execution time by configuring function constants, and investigate ways to increase compiler optimization with function groups. Find out how to save run time by...

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New to developing games for Apple platforms? Familiarize yourself with the tools and technologies you need to get started.