WWDC22 Daily Digest: Friday

Welcome! It's time for our final morning briefing. (We know — we can't believe it's Friday, either.) Before we power down for the week, however, we’ve got one more great day of events and activities.

Let’s begin by catching up on Day 4:

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WWDC22 Day 4 recap

It's time to review Day 4. Check out the Thursday highlights and tune in for a quick preview of the last day of WWDC22.

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Spotlight on sessions, Digital Lounges, and labs

Our final day packs in a bunch of great sessions: Discover how you can accelerate machine learning with Metal, bring multiple windows to your SwiftUI app, and learn how to optimize your app or game’s memory and battery consumption.

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Accelerate machine learning with Metal

Discover how you can use Metal to accelerate your PyTorch model training on macOS. We'll take you through updates to TensorFlow training support, explore the latest features and operations of MPS Graph, and share best practices to help you achieve great performance for all your machine learning...

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Bring multiple windows to your SwiftUI app

Discover the latest SwiftUI APIs to help you present windows within your app’s scenes. We’ll explore how scene types like MenuBarExtra can help you easily build more kinds of apps using SwiftUI. We’ll also show you how to use modifiers that customize the presentation and behavior of your app...

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Power down: Improve battery consumption

Discover how you can limit your power usage and help people get even more out of your app. We'll show you how you can reduce battery drain from your app by making four key changes to your code. Learn how to add Dark Mode to your app and benefit from OLED displays, audit frame rates from secondary...

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Profile and optimize your game's memory

Learn how Apple platforms calculate and allocate memory for your game. We'll show you how to use Instruments and the Game Memory template to profile your game, take a memory graph to monitor current memory use, and analyze it using Xcode Memory Debugger and command line tools. We'll also explore...

Caught up on sessions for the day? Join us in the Digital Lounges for Q&As with our ARKit, WidgetKit, Metal teams, and more — and enjoy a live watch party with the presenter of "Explore the machine learning developer experience."

Live from the Developer Center

The Developer Center played host to several developer podcasts during WWDC week, including Under the Radar, Swift by Sundell, Hacking with Swift, and The Talk Show.

Apple senior vice president of worldwide marketing Greg Joswiak and senior vice president of software engineering Craig Federighi chat with John Gruber during a taped broadcast of The Talk Show.

Apple senior vice president of worldwide marketing Greg Joswiak and senior vice president of software engineering Craig Federighi chat with John Gruber during a taped broadcast of The Talk Show.

Listen to Under the Radar to learn how you can visit the new Developer Center, catch up on all the new SwiftUI features in iOS 16 with Hacking with Swift, and — in an exclusive reveal — find out on The Talk Show the hair accessory senior vice president of software engineering Craig Federighi almost wore during the keynote.

The Talk Show: WWDC22

Hacking with Swift: What's new in SwiftUI for iOS 16

Swift by Sundell: Swift 5.7, generics, and the road to Swift 6

Under the Radar: WWDC 2022 Special

Peek behind the design

WWDC22 may be winding down, but the Behind the Design series is just ramping up.

Starting June 27, check back weekly for behind-the-scenes interviews with the creators of our 2022 Apple Design Award-winning apps and games.

A WWDC22 wrap

Thanks for coming to a magical, memorable WWDC. It’s been an incredible week — welcoming people to the Developer Center and Apple Park, connecting online in the lounges and labs, exploring sessions and documentation — and we appreciate the opportunity to share it with you.