Challenge: Toolbar transformation Tuesday

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Move over, Taco Tuesday. This week, it’s Toolbar Transformation Tuesday! With iOS 16 and iPadOS 16, you can now adopt powerful productivity improvements in your app like customizable bar button items, inline search bars, and document menu support.

So today, we're challenging you to transform your own toolbars. We also welcome you to visit the UI Frameworks Study Hall during the day to collaborate on this challenge! Ask questions, connect with other developers, and share your creations.

Study Hall: Toolbar transformation Tuesday

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Begin the challenge

The transformation all starts with Xcode 14: download the app and and check out your existing projects within it. We also recommend watching “Meet desktop-class iPad” and “Adopt desktop-class editing interactions” from WWDC22 to explore the possibilities for your UI.

Meet desktop-class iPad

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Adopt desktop-class editing interactions

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Begin the transformation for your app by exploring buried functionality and adding items to the center section of the toolbar. Check out all the available customization options that can make it easy for people to put the tools they need front and center.

You can also try adding a title menu with UINavigationItem.titleMenuProvider to enable workflows that cover the entire document; centralize sharing and drag and drop by adopting UIDocumentProperties; and power up your searches by adding search suggestions to help people find exactly what they’ve been seeking.

We’d love to check out your progress! Show us what you’ve made in the Digital Lounges or on Twitter with the hashtag #WWDC22Challenges. If you'd like to discuss toolbars and other UI frameworks topics, join the team at events all throughout the week at WWDC22. And — if you're so moved — please enjoy a taco today in celebration.

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