Connect with Core Data

Discover tips, tricks, and best practices for faster data ingest and fetching through Core Data. Learn about the latest Core Data technologies like batch inserts. And find out how you can adopt the CloudKit public database in your app, marrying these complementary technologies to combine the benefits of local persistence with cloud backup and distribution.

  • WWDC20

Sync a Core Data store with the CloudKit public database

Discover how Core Data can help you adopt the CloudKit public database in your app with as little as one line of code. Learn how to easily manage the flow of data through your app and in and out of CloudKit. We’ll show you how to combine the complementary power of Core Data and the CloudKit...

  • WWDC20

Core Data: Sundries and maxims

Core Data is the central way to durably and persistently store information from your app — and we’re going to show you how to refine that implementation for even faster data ingest and fetching. Discover how you can improve data capture with batch insert, tailor fetch requests to your data...