Privacy updates for App Store submissions

Privacy updates for App Store submissions

Third-party SDK privacy manifest and signatures. Third-party software development kits (SDKs) can provide great functionality for apps; they can also have the potential to impact user privacy in ways that aren’t obvious to developers and users. As a reminder, when you use a third-party SDK with your app, you are responsible for all the code the SDK includes in your app, and need to be aware of its data collection and use practices.

At WWDC23, we introduced new privacy manifests and signatures for SDKs to help app developers better understand how third-party SDKs use data, secure software dependencies, and provide additional privacy protection for users. Starting in spring 2024, if your new app or app update submission adds a third-party SDK that is commonly used in apps on the App Store, you’ll need to include the privacy manifest for the SDK. Signatures are also required when the SDK is used as a binary dependency. This functionality is a step forward for all apps, and we encourage all SDKs to adopt it to better support the apps that depend on them.

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New use cases for APIs that require reasons. When you upload a new app or app update to App Store Connect that uses an API (including from third-party SDKs) that requires a reason, you’ll receive a notice if you haven’t provided an approved reason in your app’s privacy manifest. Based on the feedback we received from developers, the list of approved reasons has been expanded to include additional use cases. If you have a use case that directly benefits users that isn’t covered by an existing approved reason, submit a request for a new reason to be added.

Starting in spring 2024, in order to upload your new app or app update to App Store Connect, you’ll be required to include an approved reason in the app’s privacy manifest which accurately reflects how your app uses the API.

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