Tuesday @ WWDC23

Welcome to day two of WWDC! There’s more than ever to explore this week: Xcode is getting updated, SwiftUI is getting animated, and — did we mention? — apps are getting a lot more spatial. Here’s a guide to what happened yesterday and what’s on tap today.

Catch up on day one

For the second year in a row, we welcomed more than 1,000 developers to Apple Park for the WWDC keynote and Platforms State of the Union to learn about the future of Apple platforms.

With new frameworks, a new spatial operating system, and new hardware designed for developers, there’s an incredible amount to dig into this year. Catch up quickly with this recap of the most important big (and little!) moments from the keynote:

17 big & little things at WWDC23

Here’s your guide to some of the big (and little) things announced on the first day of WWDC.

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Want the complete experience? Here are the full replays for each event.


The Apple Worldwide Developers Conference kicks off with exciting news, inspiration, and new opportunities. Join the worldwide developer community for an in-depth look at the future of Apple platforms, directly from Apple Park.

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Platforms State of the Union

Learn about the latest tools, technologies, and advancements to help you create even better apps across Apple platforms, including the all-new visionOS.

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Meet Apple Vision Pro

On day one of WWDC, you got a peek at visionOS, Apple’s new spatial operating system — and that was just the beginning. There are familiar and new frameworks to learn, new tools like Reality Composer Pro to explore, and new in-person programs coming soon.

Learn more about developing for visionOS

Prepare your apps for visionOS

Explore sessions about visionOS

Start your Tuesday

We’re off and running with with more than 60 sessions, 100 online activities, and the opportunity to schedule one-on-one lab appointments with Apple experts. Here’s a quick look at all we’ve got in store:

What Apple developers need to know at WWDC23

There’s never been a better time to create for Apple platforms — including iOS, iPadOS, macOS, tvOS, and all-new visionOS. Get insights from Apple engineers and designers with over 175 brand-new instructional video sessions covering the latest in hardware and software. All to help bring your...

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Need a place to start? Check out the latest updates to watchOS 10, an introduction to SwiftData, and the principles of spatial design.

Meet watchOS 10

Discover some of the most significant changes to Apple Watch since its introduction as we tour the redesigned user interface and the new Smart Stack. Learn how Apple designers approached the design of watchOS 10 as we explore layout, navigation, and visual style, and find out how you can apply them...

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Meet SwiftData

SwiftData is a powerful and expressive persistence framework built for Swift. We’ll show you how you can model your data directly from Swift code, use SwiftData to work with your models, and integrate with SwiftUI.

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Principles of spatial design

Discover the fundamentals of spatial design. Learn how to design with depth, scale, windows, and immersion, and apply best practices for creating comfortable, human-centered experiences that transform reality. Find out how you can use these spatial design principles to extend your existing app or...

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New this year: Many session videos now offer chapter markers, so you can skip right to the content you’re looking for. (You’ll find chapter markers for the keynote, as well.)

Join us in Slack to connect with the presenters of sessions like “Meet SwiftUI for spatial computing” and “What’s new in SwiftUI” and join Q&As about game design, Xcode 15, and much more.

Meet the presenter: Meet SwiftUI for spatial computing

Meet the team behind “Meet SwiftUI for spatial computing” and join a text-based watch party followed by a short Q&A. The watch party begins 5 minutes after the start of this activity — so don’t be late!

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Meet the presenters: What’s new in SwiftUI

Meet the team behind “What’s new in SwiftUI” and join a text-based watch party followed by a short Q&A. The watch party begins 5 minutes after the start of this activity — so don’t be late!

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Q&A: Games

Ask Apple game technology engineers about the latest tools, technologies, and frameworks during this 1 hour text-based Q&A. We would love to brainstorm, answer questions, and meet folks that are excited to build and bring games to Apple platforms. Stop in to request guidance on a code-level...

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Q&A: Xcode

Ask Apple engineers about the latest tools, technologies, and frameworks during this 2 hour text-based Q&A. Stop in to request guidance on a code-level question, ask for clarifications, or learn from others.

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Dev Tools Trivia Time is bigger and better than ever — test your knowledge in WWDC’s fiercest competition!

Dev Tools Trivia Time

Trivia Night returns to the Developer Tools channel! Test your trivia knowledge with multiple-choice questions on WWDC23 sessions, tools, frameworks, and Apple history.

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And connect with Apple experts directly by requesting one-on-one lab appointments for answers to your questions about technology, design, and maximizing your App Store presence. To make a request, visit the WWDC tab in the Apple Developer app or go to the WWDC labs webpage.

Learn more about labs at WWDC23

Congrats to the 2023 Apple Design Award winners

Yesterday, we handed out the 2023 Apple Design Awards and added 12 new titles to the list of the greatest apps and games ever created for Apple platforms. Check out the complete list of 2023 winners and finalists below. Then, get up close and personal with the winning developers, designers, and teams in our Behind the Design series.

Discover the 2023 Apple Design Award winners

Behind the Design: 2023 Apple Design Awards

Meet 12 incredible teams from around the world and learn how they brought their winning ideas to life.

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Press play: WWDC23 playlists are here

Lastly, here’s an audio gift for you! Spin up our official playlists — the perfect soundtrack to an incredible week.

Playlist: WWDC 2023

Playlist: WWDC23 Power Up

Playlist: WWDC23 Coding Focus

Playlist: WWDC23 Coding Energy

Playlist: WWDC23 Coding Chill

That's it for now. Have a great day, and we'll see you tomorrow!