The music of WWDC21

WWDC is powered by three things: developers, ingenuity, and music. (Also coffee, so maybe four things.) And while we might not be able to gather together this year, we can always connect through shared sounds — just like we do in person. This year’s expertly curated playlists are perfect for moments of energy, focus, relaxation. They’re also great for simply setting the scene for an amazing week.

WWDC 2021

Turns out our official WWDC playlist is also a great summer mixtape. From Ariana Grande to Wolf Alice, here are the sounds of WWDC21.

Listen to the official WWDC21 playlist

Power Up

The heartbeat of the week, the summer’s biggest artists. Welcome to WWDC21.

Listen to the WWDC21 Power Up playlist

Coding Energy

Inspiring. Empowering. Energetic. Nothing but good vibes in this set of upbeat tracks.

Listen to the WWDC21 Coding Energy playlist

Coding Chill

Let your mind unwind with these elegant electronic sounds, lo-fi rhythms, and relaxing beats.

Listen to the WWDC21 Coding Chill playlist

Coding Focus

Tune out the world and center your mind with these mellow sounds.

Listen to the WWDC21 Coding Focus playlist