The suite life of testing

Create stronger test suites with the latest updates in XCTest and Xcode and track down bugs before they make trouble. Great tests can capture behaviors you might have missed in development, allowing you to triage failures in a controlled environment before your app reaches the public.

Whether you're testing your app's UI or you're simply trying to pinpoint your product issues, discover how to get actionable results faster, build UI tests that handle expected — and unexpected — behavior, and triage your test failures with richer context.

Handle interruptions and alerts in UI tests

Learn how to anticipate potential interruptions to your app’s interface and build smart tests to identify them. UI interruptions often appear indeterminately, typically during onboarding or first launch, which can make them hard to track down. Learn how to understand interruptions, write stronger...

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Get your test results faster

Improve your testing suite to speed up your feedback loop and get fixes in faster. Learn more about the latest improvements to testing in Xcode, including how to leverage test plans, Xcodebuild updates, and APIs to eliminate never-ending and badly-behaved tests. We’ll explore Test Timeouts and...

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XCTSkip your tests

Get the test results that matter — and skip the ones that don’t. Discover how you can implement XCTSkip to conditionally avoid tests at runtime. We'll take you through how to return this new test result and better document tests beyond pass and fail within your test bundle. To get the most out...

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Triage test failures with XCTIssue

Put your test failures to work: Learn how to triage and diagnose uncaught issues in your app using the latest testing APIs in Xcode. We’ll show you how to help ease your testing workflow and put failures into context to help you deliver the best quality product. For more information on designing...

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Write tests to fail

Plan for failure: Design great tests to help you find and diagnose even the toughest bugs. Learn how to improve your automated tests with XCTest to find hidden issues in even the best code. We’ll explain how to prepare your tests for failure to make triaging issues easier, letting you solve...

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