Challenge: Build an app that recognizes custom audio through ShazamKit

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ShazamKit enables you to generate and use custom audio catalogs inside your app to recognize audio “in the wild.” This challenge invites you to dream up your own audio matching experience as you work off a sample project.

ShazamKit accepts audio signatures from any source: music, a movie soundtrack, or spoken word. For example, a camera app could provide special effects or filters based on the genre of audio being played in an environment. An educational app may offer precisely synchronized, auxiliary content for a streamed lecture on a second device. Or a broadcast show could unlock a rich, AR-based second screen experience for each episode.

Begin the challenge

To begin exploring ShazamKit, download the “Building a Custom Catalog and Matching Audio” sample code project from “Create custom audio experiences with ShazamKit.”

What kind of app do you want to create — a game, interactive experience for education, or a mind-blowing augmented reality experience perfectly synchronized with video content playing on your Apple TV? Get creative and show off your ideas for iOS, macOS, tvOS, or watchOS.

Need support, or want help from the community as you explore Sound Classification? You can share your progress in the Developer Forums.

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  • WWDC21

Explore ShazamKit

Take advantage of Shazam’s exact audio matching capabilities within your app when you use ShazamKit. Learn how you can harness the immense Shazam catalog to create all sorts of experiences, including quickly recognizing the exact song playing in the background of a video captured by your app,...

  • WWDC21

Create custom audio experiences with ShazamKit

Bring custom audio matching to your app with ShazamKit. Discover how you can use Shazam's exact audio matching to recognize audio against any source when you use custom catalogs on device. Download our starter project and code along with the presenter as we guide you through the process of...

Building a Custom Catalog and Matching Audio


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