Apple silicon and the Mac

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Apple silicon is coming to the Mac. Find out about the new architecture, unified memory and security improvements. Discover how you can create universal binaries in Xcode, optimize Metal performance on Apple silicon Macs, and learn more about asymmetric multiprocessing. And understand how your iPhone and iPad apps work on Apple silicon Macs.

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Port your Mac app to Apple silicon

Your porting questions, answered: Learn how to recompile your macOS app for Apple silicon Macs and build universal apps that launch faster, have better performance, and support the future of the platform. We’ll show you how Xcode makes it simple to build a universal macOS binary and go through...

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iPad and iPhone apps on Apple silicon Macs

Apple silicon Macs can run many iPad and iPhone apps as-is, and these apps will be made available to users on the Mac through the Mac App Store. Discover how iPad and iPhone apps run on Apple silicon Macs, and the factors that make your apps come across better. Learn how to test your app for the...

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Explore the new system architecture of Apple silicon Macs

Discover how Macs with Apple silicon will deliver modern advantages using Apple's System-on-Chip (SoC) architecture. Leveraging a unified memory architecture for CPU and GPU tasks, Mac apps will see amazing performance benefits from Apple silicon tuned frameworks such as Metal and Accelerate. ...

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Bring your Metal app to Apple silicon Macs

Meet the Tile Based Deferred Rendering (TBDR) GPU architecture for Apple silicon Macs — the heart of your Metal app or game’s graphics performance. Learn how you can translate or port your graphics-intensive app over to Apple silicon, and how to take advantage of TBDR and Metal when building...

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Tailor your Metal apps for Apple M1

Discover the advances in Metal performance and capability delivered with the Apple M1 chip on Apple silicon Macs. Apple M1 unites the top-end graphics and compute abilities of discrete GPUs with the features and power efficiency of Apple silicon, creating entirely new opportunities for developers...

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Optimize Metal Performance for Apple silicon Macs

Apple silicon Macs are a transformative new platform for graphics-intensive apps — and we’re going to show you how to fire up the GPU to create blazingly fast apps and games. Discover how to take advantage of Apple’s unique Tile-Based Deferred Rendering (TBDR) GPU architecture within Apple...


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