Build Siri media experiences for the home

SiriKit Media Intents let people summon content from your music and audio apps with a simple “Hey Siri.” Enjoying a hands-free audio experience through Siri isn’t only more convenient — in many situations, it can be a safer and more accessible experience for people who want to use your app.

Whether you’re building an app for iPhone, iPad, Mac, HomePod, or Apple TV, we’ll show you how to design hands-free interactions with Siri using natural language, provide context and alternative suggestions for your responses, implement SiriKit into your app, and debug your intent using the same methods Apple’s own Siri team employs.

While you need no prior knowledge of SiriKit to get started with SiriKit Media Intents for your app, you can learn more about SiriKit in “Siri, Shortcuts, and SiriKit.”

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Expand your SiriKit Media Intents to more platforms

Discover how you can enable Siri summoning for your music or audio app using SiriKit Media Intents. We’ll walk you through how to add Siri support to your music, podcast, or other audio service on more of our platforms, including HomePod and Apple TV, so people can start listening by just asking...

  • WWDC20

Design high quality Siri media interactions

Demystify the art of designing Siri experiences for your music and audio apps: We’ll show you how to think about crafting great interactions and how you can provide custom vocabulary so that Siri can respond with more accuracy and personality. We’ll also explain how you can debug common errors...

Want to learn more about providing a great Siri experience in your app? Check out the related videos for more.


Siri, Shortcuts, and SiriKit

  • WWDC20

Empower your intents

When you create an intent for your app, you can help people accomplish tasks quickly by using it as part of a shortcut or when asking Siri. Learn how to adopt Siri more easily than ever when you use SiriKit’s in-app intent handling, and how to improve Siri performance with existing Intents app...

  • WWDC20

Decipher and deal with common Siri errors

“Sorry, there was a problem with the app..." Don’t let Siri errors get you down: Learn how to debug your Siri intents and create great integrations people can use through voice or the Shortcuts app. We’ll look at common intent errors, how to test for them, and the path to a seamless Siri...