Challenge: Prototype with SwiftUI

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While SwiftUI is a powerful framework, one of its key features is its simplicity. Designers with very little knowledge of code can easily create prototypes with human-readable syntax and interactive Xcode Previews. In this challenge, we invite you to say “hello, world” with a brilliant SwiftUI-based prototype.

Begin the challenge

What’s an app you’d love to build right now? Take charge of SwiftUI and Xcode Previews and turn that idea into a prototype: Explore what interfaces you can create with Xcode Preview, and let the tools write the code for you. (And pick up a little SwiftUI code knowledge along the way.)

Start fresh with a new Xcode project, or explore prototyping a new view in SwiftUI for your existing app. Need support, or want help from the community in prototyping? You can share prototyping projects in progress on the Developer Forums. Already working on a prototype in UIKit or AppKit? Explore creating a new view in SwiftUI.

Visit the Apple Developer Forums

Share your new SwiftUI views with us over the summer. We can’t wait to see what you can build with SwiftUI and Xcode Previews, and to hear about what you learn!


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Introducing SwiftUI

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