App Store

Sandbox Testing Update

The App Store sandbox environment lets you test in-app purchases on device and server-to-server using product information set up in App Store Connect, helping you deliver high-quality in-app purchase experiences. You can now:

  • Clear the purchase history for auto-renewable subscriptions and nonconsumables purchases made by a tester in the sandbox environment, so you can more easily test one-time purchase scenarios and continue using the same test account. In-app purchases made by customers on the App Store are not affected.
  • Change the App Store region for a Sandbox Apple ID, so you can test across regions with the same tester account.
  • Set the renewal rate for auto-renewable subscriptions in sandbox, so you can speed up or slow down how often subscriptions renew for a tester in the sandbox environment. Renewal rates are accelerated in the sandbox environment and subscriptions are automatically canceled after 12 renewals.

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