Now every developer can tap into SAP enterprise systems.

Apple and SAP are working together to reinvent business processes and workflows everywhere. By bringing together powerful iOS features and seamless integration with SAP systems, developers can innovate faster than ever.

Where apps and business process come together.

Whether it’s the systems that run your HR workflows, sales transactions, expense reporting, or inventory management, SAP powers some of the most critical processes that run businesses today. By combining the powerful capabilities of iOS with the SAP Cloud Platform, it’s easier than ever for businesses to access live data at any time.

76% of business transactions touch an SAP system
2.5M+ developers in the SAP community
  • iOS apps
  • SAP Cloud Platform SDK for iOS
  • SAP Cloud Platform
  • Back-end data

The SAP Cloud Platform SDK for iOS lets developers build, extend, and run iOS apps, powered by the SAP Cloud Platform and enterprise back-end data.

Introducing the SAP Cloud Platform SDK for iOS.

There’s never been a better time for developers to build iOS apps that integrate with SAP systems. Even if you’re new to developing for the SAP Cloud Platform, the SDK makes it easy to connect to back-end services, take advantage of iOS technology, and incorporate design best practices.

Seamlessly connect to back-end processes.

With the SDK, developers can easily take advantage of a company’s aggregated data held in the SAP Cloud Platform and enterprise systems. The apps can also tap into the services and functions defined in the SAP Cloud Platform, and include specific business and security rules to protect sensitive data.

Take advantage of native iOS technology.

As one of the key building blocks of the SDK, developers can access native iOS frameworks and technologies to build incredible apps. This means that apps can take advantage of the latest interface technologies and built-in sensors to provide the context and experience that users expect.

An SDK built on Swift.

The SDK is built on Apple’s powerful and open source programming language, Swift. This means that when you’re working in Swift, you can seamlessly call into the SDK and leverage its frameworks, UI elements, and APIs. And everything will look and feel the way it should, making the developer experience as natural as accessing native iOS APIs. The toolkit also comes with a Mac-based app, Assistant, that helps you easily set up projects and connect to the SAP Cloud Platform.

Tap into a design language developed by SAP for iOS.

SAP created the new Fiori for iOS design language to bring together business user needs and the principles of iOS design using Apple’s Human Interface Guidelines. The SDK will include UI elements for the new design language, including reusable controls, UI patterns, templates, and access to back-end services. This will help developers quickly tap into reusable design components to build a consistent and intuitive user experience across apps.

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