SF Symbols 4

With over 4,400 symbols, SF Symbols is a library of iconography designed to integrate seamlessly with San Francisco, the system font for Apple platforms. Symbols come in nine weights and three scales, and automatically align with text labels. They can be exported and edited using vector graphics editing tools to create custom symbols with shared design characteristics and accessibility features. SF Symbols 4 features over 1000 new symbols, variable color, automatic rendering, and new unified layer annotation.

A MacBook Pro showing the SF Symbols interface.
Sample grid of new symbols in white.

Over 1000 new symbols

New symbols include representations of home objects, fitness, health, currencies, and many more. Localized symbols include variants across Arabic, Chinese, Devanagari, Hebrew, Japanese, Korean, Latin, and Thai. These new symbols are available in apps running iOS 16, iPadOS 16, macOS 13, tvOS 16, and watchOS 9.

Example of six multi-color icons.

Variable color

Color can now be dynamically applied to system and custom symbols using a percentage value to convey strength or progress over time. An updated inspector with a variable color slider enables previewing across all rendering modes.

Example of multi-tonal rendered icons.

Automatic rendering

Symbols are now automatically displayed in a rendering mode that highlights their unique characteristics. Many symbols use hierarchical rendering automatically for added depth and detail without needing to specify a rendering mode.

SF Symbols layer interface.

Unified layer annotation

Custom symbols feature a shared layer structure across rendering modes making annotation faster and easier. Layer annotations can be viewed at a glance in the new preview area.

Download SF Symbols 4

Download (244 MB)

Requires macOS Big Sur or later.

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