SiriKit enables your iOS apps and watchOS apps to work with Siri, so users can get things done with your content and services using just their voice. In addition to extending Siri’s support for messaging, photo search and phone calls to more apps, SiriKit also adds support for new services, including ride booking and personal payments.

Supported Domains and Intents

Apps adopt SiriKit by building an extension that communicates with Siri, even when your app isn’t running. The extension registers with specific domains and intents that it can handle. For example, a messaging app would likely register to support the Messages domain, and the intent to send a message. Siri handles all of the user interaction, including the voice and natural language recognition, and works with your extension to get information and handle user requests.

“Add eggs and milk to my grocery list.”

Lists. Create reminders, update a to do list, or check your grocery list.

“Show my personal contact QR code”

QR Codes. Display your QR Code for a friend to scan.

“Get me a ride to SFO via MyRidesApp.”

Ride Booking. Request a ride through apps that provide ride sharing and other taxi-like services.

“Send a text to Carey using MyTextApp.”

Messaging. Send text messages through apps that support messaging services.

“Look for beach photos taken last summer in MyPhotosApp.”

Photo Search. Look for photos and videos of particular content type and play slideshows in the app of their choice.

“Send $100 to John for dinner last night using MyPayApp.”

Payments. Send and request payments to and from other people, using apps that support personal payments.

“Call Mike on my MyVoIPApp.”

VoIP Calling. Initiate video and audio calls with apps that support voice over IP.

“Start my daily run workout from MyWorkoutApp.”

Workouts. Start, pause and end workouts using your favorite workout app.

“Set the heater to 72 degrees.”

Climate and radio. Specifically designed for CarPlay automaker apps, this allows users to set the climate controls and adjust the radio while they’re in their car.

Documentation and Videos

Download Xcode, which includes iOS SDK, and use these resources to create apps that work with Siri.