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As an iOS Developer Program member, you can use iAd to easily generate revenue while delivering the best ad experiences for iOS users on the iAd App Network. You can also use iAd Workbench to create ad campaigns and reach the right audience.


Developers can monetize their apps by participating in the iAd App Network which is available in iAd-supported countries across the Americas, Europe, Asia, the Middle East, Africa, and Australia.

Integrating iAd in Your Apps

To generate revenue through iAd ads in your iOS app, simply do the following in iTunes Connect:

Implementing and Testing Apps

Once you've implemented iAd in your app, make sure to test ads by running your app directly on an iOS device before submitting to the App Store. The iAd App Network can send test ads to help validate your implementation and error handling. If your app does not include the proper delegate to handle errors, it will be rejected by the App Review Team. For guides and sample code for incorporating iAd rich media ads in your app, view Using iAd in Your iOS Apps.

Submitting Apps for Review

Once your iAd-integrated app is Ready for Sale on the App Store, it is also reviewed by the iAd team to determine if it's appropriate to receive ads from iAd advertisers. Once your app is approved, you're ready to start earning revenue from ads that run in your app. You can easily monitor ad performance and revenue generated at any time by going to the iAd module in iTunes Connect.

Note: Apps designed for children are not allowed to run rich media ads. To make sure your iAd-integrated app is ready for review, read the App Store Review Guidelines.


Developers receive 70 percent of the net revenue generated by the ads integrated into their apps. Revenue is based on two key metrics: ad impressions and taps. Ad impressions are the number of times an ad appears in your app. Taps are the number of times a user taps a banner to interact with the ad’s content. Note that actual revenue will not include certain activity, such as taps on ads that do not fully load due to user action, or bonus impressions that are required by our agreements with advertisers.

Promoting Your Apps with iAd

If you’re a developer who wants to create ads for your app, you can use iAd Workbench, the do-it-yourself campaign creation and management tool.

Creating iAd Rich Media Ads

If you are a creative agency or web developer and would like to develop ads for the iAd App Network, you can use iAd Producer or the iAd Creative Toolkit.

Can I control the types of ads that get served from the iAd App Network?

Yes. The iAd App Network lets you exclude ads from competitors or other unwanted advertisers. You can set your preferences by going to the iAd module in iTunes Connect.

If I integrate iAd ads in my app, can I remove them at a later time?

Yes. You may remove iAd ads from your app at any time by removing the iAd Framework and submitting a binary update through iTunes Connect.

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