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iAd Workbench

iAd Workbench is the do-it-yourself campaign creation and management tool that makes it simple to promote iOS apps, music, movies, and more. With iAd Workbench, you can create and run mobile ads to promote your products on over 150,000 Apple-certified, brand-safe iOS apps. To learn more, visit iAd Workbench.


iAd Workbench is available to promote products in iOS apps in iAd-supported countries and regions across the Americas, Europe, Asia, the Middle East, Africa, and Australia. Campaigns created in iAd Workbench run on the iAd App Network in the respective countries or regions. If you’re interested in promoting apps outside of these countries or regions, please contact iAd.

Payment Methods

The minimum budget for an iAd Workbench campaign is 50 USD. You can pay for campaigns using a credit card with a billing address in an iAd-supported country or region. Qualified customers that have a monthly campaign spend of more than 20,000 USD can pay through a line of credit. If you would like to apply for a line of credit, contact iAd.

Ad Agency Managed Campaigns

Approved agencies or third parties with their own iAd Workbench account can create, launch, and manage iAd Workbench campaigns on the behalf of developers by simply entering the iTunes URL or App ID of the developer's app. New users can create an iAd Workbench account for their organization, or be invited to join an existing iAd Workbench account.

Specifying App Categories

By using the auto targeting option, your audience is defined automatically using data from iAd and the App Store. With manual targeting, you can select specific criteria for your campaign, including device type, gender, age, and iTunes user preferences, as well as the specific app categories you want your ad to run. However, you cannot target your ads to run in specific apps.

Still Need Help?

For more details on iAd Workbench, read iAd Workbench Help.