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Creator Code Registration

Why should I register my app creator code with Apple?

Mac OS X identifies an app through its signature, a unique four-character sequence. Registering your creator code with Apple ensures that your creator code is unique and will not conflict with the signature of another app.

When should I register my creator codes with Apple?

You should register your codes with Apple as early as possible. Doing so ensures that the creator code you want is available, and avoids last minute changes to your app.

Do I have to be a Mac Developer Program member to register my app code?

No. All developers are encouraged to register their creator codes with Apple.

How do I register my creator code?

Fill out the Creator Code Registration Form. Please list only one product and the associated creator code(s) per registration submission. Your creator code must consist of lower ASCII characters between decimal 32 and decimal 127 (inclusive) and cannot contain all lower case characters.

To add more than one creator code for your product, click the “Add Another Code” button. If you are requesting unique creators for more than one software app, please submit one registration request for each product.

I am receiving an error when submitting my code; what should I do?

An error will be generated if the code you are requesting is already assigned to another product. Select a new code for your app.

Can Apple provide me with a list of registered creator codes and the associated app names?

No. We are unable to provide a list of registered creator codes, as the creator database contains information about both released and unreleased third party products.

How do I register file types, resource types, icons, fonts, and component types?

Apple no longer registers file types, resource types, icons, fonts, and component types.

How will I know my creator code has been successfully registered?

In addition to an online confirmation, you will receive an email confirming your registration.

Where can I get more information about using creator and file type codes in my app?

Please visit the Creator Code Registration website for more information. You may also refer to Inside Macintosh: Macintosh Toolbox Essentials, chapter 7, “The Finder Interface”. Macintosh Technical Note FL36: Apple Extensions to ISO 9660 also is helpful.

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