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What resources can I access as a Registered Apple Developer?

When you register as an Apple developer, you get free access to tools and resources for developing on iOS, OS X, and Safari, including pre-release documentation, videos, and sample code. You can also sign in to view discussions on the Apple Developer Forums.

How do I register as an Apple developer?

To register as an Apple developer, sign in with your Apple ID, answer a few questions, and agree to the terms and conditions of the Registered Apple Developer Agreement (PDF).

Do I need to register before joining an Apple Developer Program?

Yes. To enroll in an Apple Developer Program or accept an invitation to join an existing development team, you must first register as an Apple developer.

What are the terms and conditions of being a Registered Apple Developer?

Review the Registered Apple Developer terms and conditions in the Registered Apple Developer Agreement (PDF).

I have a business or technology idea that I want to share with Apple. How do I submit this information for review?

While we sincerely appreciate your interest, Apple is unable to accept unsolicited business or technology ideas and proposals. For more information, please review Apple's Unsolicited Ideas Policy.

I want to receive more information about future Apple products and technology initiatives. How can I get this information from Apple?

It is Apple's policy not to comment on unannounced products or products under development, whether or not they actually exist. It is also against our policy to discuss release dates.

Product announcements are generally accompanied by a press release, which provides helpful information and applicable specifications:

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