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What is the Safari Dev Center?

The Safari Dev Center provides a complete set of resources for creating websites, extensions and web applications for Safari on iOS, Mac OS X, and Windows. The Safari Dev Center allows you to quickly access a range of technical resources, including development videos, coding how-to's, sample code, articles, and the Safari Reference Library.

Can I obtain code-level technical support for development with websites and web apps?

Code-level technical support for creating Safari extensions is available through the purchase of Technical Support Incidents (TSIs). Safari Developer Program members can also post their questions to the Apple Developer Forums. Additionally, the Safari Dev Center provides links to technical resources that can assist you with your development. You may also file a bug report if you feel that you've identified a bug or would like to file an enhancement request.

As a Registered Apple Developer, what do I have access to in the Safari Dev Center?

As a Registered Apple Developer, you have access to videos, sample code, and documentation in the Safari Developer Library.

For access to benefits such as extensions signing certificates, posting to the Apple Developer Forums, and purchasing Technical Support Incidents (TSIs), you must join the Safari Developer Program.

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