Code-level support

Members of the Apple Developer Program and Apple Developer Enterprise Program can request code-level support for Apple frameworks, APIs, and tools. Code-level support requests focus on specific issues in writing, building and running your own code. Support is provided in English via email.

Before you submit a support request

Check resources

Be sure to review the following for details on resolving your issue.

Search and post on the forums

Your issue might have been discussed and resolved on the Apple Developer Forums. If searching the forums doesn’t help, start a new thread with your question to get guidance from Apple engineers and other developers.

Use debugging tools

  • Run Product | Analyze in Xcode and resolve any outstanding analyzer results, if possible.
  • When testing and debugging your app in Xcode, check the Console pane for relevant error or warning messages that correlate with the issue you’re investigating.
  • Review Testing a Release Build for tips on reproducing bugs that you or your customers are experiencing.
  • Read Diagnosing issues using crash reports and device logs and its linked pages for a detailed debugging workflow. If you're investigating a crash, pay particular attention to Adding identifiable symbol names to a crash report and Identifying the cause of common crashes.
  • Abstract the issue into a sample Xcode project, if possible. Remove all code that isn't necessary to reproduce the issue. Simplify your app's logic and data structures so that you can get to the issue directly.

How to submit a support request

  • Submit only one support issue (a single, discrete problem) per request.
  • Submit your request in English and avoid using acronyms, jargon, and nonstandard abbreviations.
  • Provide a clear and detailed description with as much information as possible. Include steps you’ve taken to solve the problem and conditions we should consider, such as failures on specific hardware or OS versions.
  • Ask a specific question indicating the outcome you expect from your support request.
  • Provide clear and concise steps to reproduce the issue.
  • When working with Apple beta software, follow the same process as with release software. However, when you encounter an issue in beta software, we recommend that you always file a bug report via Feedback Assistant first, then include the Feedback Assistant ID in your support request.

Begin a submission

Providing additional files

Be prepared with supporting files:

  • A focused sample Xcode project, whenever possible.
  • Symbolicated crash reports and diagnostic logs, from the debugging workflow linked above.
  • Screenshots and videos, when they’re helpful to explain the issue or the steps to reproduce it.
  • Exact text of error messages encountered in your code, copied and pasted from the relevant logs.
  • Text of emails you received from other support teams at Apple, pasted verbatim.

When you receive an acknowledgement email for your support request, you can reply with your files as attachments.

Managing your requests

Included with each enrollment is the opportunity to submit two code-level support requests.

Unused requests expire at the end of your membership year and can’t be carried over into a new membership year. You’ll receive two new requests when you renew your membership. View your unused requests, their expiration dates, and your request history in the Code-level Support section of your developer account. Unused requests are grouped by expiration date and the ones that expire first will be used first.

Additional requests are available for purchase in either a 2-pack for 99 USD or 5-pack for 249 USD (or in local currency where available) in the Code-Level Support section of your developer account. Requests purchased separately expire one year from the date of activation.

Where can I get IT department-level support?

If you’re deploying macOS, macOS Server, or iOS devices in your organization, AppleCare can provide integrated expert support, if available in your region. Learn more about AppleCare Professional Support.

Where can I get customer support for Apple products or software?

If you’ve purchased Apple products or software and are experiencing nondevelopment issues, you can get software updates and utilities, technical support, and product information on the Apple Support Site.