TipKit makes it easy to teach people about a brand-new feature in your app, help them discover a hidden feature, or demonstrate faster ways to accomplish a task.

What’s new

Focused on feature discovery, the TipKit framework makes it easy to display helpful tips in your app. Now you can sequence tips so features are discovered in the ideal order, make tips reusable with custom tip identifiers, match the look and feel of your app, and sync tips using CloudKit syncing.

Customize styles

TipKit offers styles you can customize to match the look and feel of your app. Use a popover view to show a tip that appears over your app’s UI and even have it point directly to a button or other element; or use an inline view to fit within existing UI without blocking any elements.

Direct the action

The best tips are actionable, instructional, and easy to remember. Customize the title, message, image, or color. You can even add an action button that leads people directly to settings where they can turn tips on and off or to additional onboarding resources.

Reach the right audience

To ensure a tip is displayed only for the most relevant audience at the most ideal time, TipKit provides a number of eligibility rules you can use alone or together to determine exactly when a tip appears.

Customize rules

Effectively target your tip with parameter- and event-based rules. For example, display a tip after a user visits a specific view a certain number of times or when they enable a specific setting.

Choose display frequency

TipKit provides several display and dismissal behaviors, so tips appear at a helpful cadence and only for as long as they’re useful. Immediate, daily, hourly, and custom durations are available.

Get started

Use Xcode to build the latest TipKit capabilities into your app.

Download Xcode