AR Quick Look

Built-in apps, such as Safari, Messages, Mail, News, and Notes, use Quick Look to display USDZ files of virtual objects in 3D or AR on iPhone and iPad. You can embed Quick Look views in your apps and websites to let users see incredibly detailed object renderings in a real-world surrounding with support for audio playback.

3D Models

Tap any of the 3D models below on a iPhone or iPad to view the object and place it in AR.* Or click a model on Mac to download the USDZ file.

Examples on the Web

See the incredibly detailed rendered objects that developers have created for their websites using the USDZ file format. Simply tap an object below in Safari on iPhone or iPad to visit the website, then tap the AR icon to experience the object in AR.*

Reality Converter

The new Reality Converter app makes it easy to convert, view, and customize USDZ 3D objects on Mac. Simply drag-and-drop common 3D file formats, such as .obj, .gltf and .usd, to view the converted USDZ result, customize material properties with your own textures, and edit file metadata. You can even preview your USDZ object under a variety of lighting and environment conditions with built-in IBL options.

Download Reality Converter

USDZ Tools

Download essential Python-based tools for generating, validating, and inspecting USDZ files. Also includes a converter that creates USDZ from other 3D file formats along with Pixar’s USD library and sample scripts.

Download USDZ tools